Suspected shoplifter restrained outside Chandler Walmart


Shoppers outside a Chandler Walmart were stunned after security outside the store putting a suspected shoplifter in a chokehold. A woman recorded the scuffle on her cell phone.

The woman who took the video said this all went down right outside the entrance to the store around 6 p.m. on Tuesday She does not believe an ambulance was ever called.

She just wants to know if the suspected shoplifter in the video is okay.

The cell phone video showed the struggle between security and the suspect. "I just saw this kid hit the glass window from the inside, and two guys behind [her]," said Lucille Strong. She shot the video as she was walking into the store. "And they were wrestling [her] up against the wall, they managed to make it outside and that's when I started videotaping because I was scared for [her] life."

In the cell phone video, a nearby customer in the background is asking if the police have been called. "Did you guys call the cops yet?" asked the customer. The security staff responded, "No, can you please call 911 for me, tell them we have a combative shoplifter."

The same customer can then be heard telling the men not to choke the suspect out. "Don't choke him out guys," he said. Then the suspect is heard saying "I can't breathe, I can't breathe."

"It did look like [she] passed out, [she] fell to the floor and when I looked at [her] his face was pale," said Strong.

Chandler Police say they arrested a suspected shoplifter at the store around 6 pm. and were told store security restrained her before police got there.

Strong said she saw three or four video games on the ground.

"Shoplifting is completely wrong, but I also believe having somebody in a chokehold like that, when [she's] begging them to let them go because [she] can't breathe. That's just wrong," she said.

Strong said she never saw any ambulance and she only saw police putting the suspect in the back of a squad car. The manager at this Walmart was unaware of the incident happening at this store. 

Walmart corporate issued the following statement on the incident. "Our store received questions from customers about a video posted on social media tonight.  We take our customers' feedback very seriously and we are currently reviewing our surveillance video so we can gather more information about this situation as quickly and thoroughly as possible."
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