UofA grad fights to keep his "LOLASU" vanity plate

Personalized license plates are big business, but one valley man's personalized plate was almost taken from him.

He's a University of Arizona fan, and his plate is poking fun at Arizona State University, but the state wasn't laughing and almost revoked his plate.

The man who has the plate Josh Miller says people generally love the plate. They give him a thumbs-up as they drive by, take photos of it, even ASU fans have complimented him on it. That is why he couldn't believe it when he got a letter saying he would have to give his plate back or else lose his registration.

Arizona Wildcat alum Josh Miller bleeds red and blue, broadcasting his feelings with his custom license plate reading "LOL (Laugh Out Loud) ASU."

"This was just a fun way to poke a little fun at them, to kind of spark the rivalry so to speak," said Josh Miller.

This fall somebody decided the joke wasn't so funny. Josh received a letter from the Arizona Department of Transportation regarding an anonymous complaint about his plate. 

"Basically saying that I could submit a written appeal, and if I did not choose to appeal I can surrender my plate," he said.

Josh appealed and was denied; then he reached out to ADOT on Twitter only to receive this. "There are no further appeals." 

"Set in stone I thought... so at that point I decided to try to go viral with it," said Miller.

Josh headed to social media including posting to his Twitter account and a Facebook page for Arizona Wildcat Fans. You'll see he even started the hashtag #savejoshesplate, he also start a petition on change.org and received hundreds of signatures in just a couple of days.

Just two days after starting his campaign, Josh received another letter from ADOT. This time it was bearing good news for fans of bear down.

"Basically says your license plate will not be canceled, so my campaign worked," he said.

Josh said he was pleased that one person's opinion did not limit his freedom of speech. And as for the person who complained?

"I hope you have better things in life to worry about than my license plate," said Miller.

Josh has two children whom he hopes will also attend the University of Arizona. His 7-year-old son Elliot said he doesn't want to inherit the plate; he wants his own plate that says "Bear Down."
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