Measuring the economic impact from the I-10 bridge collapse

The collapse of the bridge on I-10 near the Arizona-California border is having an impact on both the public and truck drivers. It's a major route across the country, and the cost of the detour is not cheap.

Millions of dollars worth of goods travel on I-10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix daily. Now those goods are going to have to travel a much longer route, which means truckers, shippers, and ultimately the consumers may pay more for the things we buy.

Thousands of truckers are falling behind because of a nearly 50-year-old broken bridge on Interstate 10. The collapse means the indefinite closure of a vital thoroughfare.

"It is hugely important, not only to the trucking industry but Arizona's economy, this is the main thoroughfare between California ports that handle 70% of imports that come into the United States... it's probably the most important road that Arizona has to international markets, not only that to California which is a trillion dollar economy," said Tony Bradley.

Truckers typically charge shippers by the mile, and the detour isn't short, it's forcing truckers to go up to hundreds of miles out of their way to get the goods to where they need to go.

"It's gonna be a huge impact on the trucking companies having to detour all those extra miles, like in our company we have 3,000 trucks, all the extra fuel, all the extra time, it's going to cost a lot," said Jesse Stornetta.

Truckers will pass that cost onto shippers and eventually the consumers may feel the impact. Arizona's trucking association says this is a wakeup call for state leaders to make a bigger investment in our highway infrastructure.

"We haven't increased our user fee revenue, gas tax revenue since 1992, since then the cost of building things has increased tremendously, yet we're still looking at the same funding source we had over 20 years ago.

Last year the U.S. Dept of Transportation found more than 250 bridges in the State of Arizona are structurally compromised and need to be repaired.

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