Meghan McCain speaks out about her future and politics in 2016

The oldest daughter of Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has a couple of new gigs on Fox News Channel and on a radio program.

Meghan McCain spoke to Fox 10 Phoenix by phone on Friday from Los Angeles, to talk about her latest ventures, the 2016 White House race and Arizona politics.

Beginning Monday, July 20, Meghan McCain will be a contributor on Fox News Channel to talk about the next election cycle.

She’ll also host a syndicated radio show from 3 to 6 p.m. weeknights on America Now on iHeart Radio.

That’s the same station as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

“And were going to, you know, talk about politics and pop culture. And I’m going to talk about my life. and I’m just really, really excited about it,” McCain said.

“So, you can go to the website and it will tell you what radio station you can find it on. And the iHeart Radio app and on my website and on iTunes. So if you want to listen, there’s many ways to listen to it.”

Since he appeared last weekend in downtown Phoenix, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain have traded barbs.
Trump said Mexico is sending criminals to our country and said McCain is weak on immigration. Trump said McCain could be beat next year.

McCain responded, saying Trump has ‘fired up the crazies.’ Trump then took to Twitter to call McCain a dummy.

“You know, I'm not a fan of Donald Trump,” Meghan McCain said. “I really, I think the 2016 election cycle is so important to Republicans for a whole host of reasons. And I’m really taking my candidate seriously. And I think that he’s sort of taking away from the serious issues that need to be discussed and kind of making a mockery of the election process. We’re 479 days out to the election – yes, I know the exact number of days until the election -- and I think this is just a trend, much like Herman Cain was.”

“If, by some crazy miracle or by some crazy fluke, Donald Trump ends up being the nominee, the Republicans are in more trouble than I could possibly imagine. But I don’t see that happening,” McCain said.

“I see him much more of an entertainer and a television personality than I do someone to be taken seriously in politics.”

Meghan McCain says she would like to see South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham become the Republican Presidential nominee. She says he’s a close friend of the family.

McCain believes Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

McCain talked about what she thinks the GOP needs to focus on, in order to win in 2016.

“I think national security, the economy, creating jobs. And honestly, reaching out to women and minorities. It’s been the reason why we have lost in the past two election cycles. And we need to make, you know, that’s why I think Donald Trump's comments are so dangerous. When you automatically alienate an entire demographic of voters, just because there’s some anti-female rhetoric or if there’s anti-immigration rhetoric or anti-Hispanic rhetoric, whatever, you’re automatically not giving people an opportunity to look at the party in a different way.”

“And I think going forward, we just need to have a leader who is open and inviting wants to make the Republican Party a big tent party and not make it some bizarre, exclusive old boys club.”

Arizona voters could decide next year whether to legalize marijuana. McCain isn’t sure that may happen.

“I don’t know. You know, Arizona is a pretty conservative state in a lot of ways. So I don’t know if I see Arizona legalizing marijuana,” she said.

“My mother is one of those who thinks it’s a really bad idea. I personally, I don’t have a problem with marijuana being legalized. But again, I just think Arizona has so many other issues that I think are so much more important than legalizing pot, that it’s just not one of those issues that gets me excited.”

Meghan McCain says Arizona has a national PR problem. She feels people see the state as anti-immigration, because of a small group of people who get such loud national attention.

McCain says she recently met Gov. Doug Ducey in Sedona and says she likes his vision for Arizona. She also says there are a lot of good new politicians in office.

McCain also told Fox 10 she loves downtown phoenix and the growing restaurant scene. McCain says she usually goes to The Clever Koi on Central Avenue about three times every time she comes home.

McCain says she also loves Crescent Ballroom, and would like to try the drink named after her father at Valley Bar, named The McCain.

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