Will wearing glasses make Rick Perry smarter?

The longest-serving governor in Texas history threw his ten-gallon hat back in the ring. Rick Perry is running for President… again.

Perry's first bid for the Republican nod back in 2012 ended ingloriously. He made a splash when he announced and for a time seemed to be in the lead but his campaign crashed onstage in a Republican debate. Perry declared he was the man to slay the Washington monster by shutting down three giant government agencies. He made it through Commerce and Education but, before a national audience, he blanked on the third. Perry looked around desperately for a lifeline but all his rivals did was return his pained expression with wry smiles. Fifteen minutes later the third agency finally came to him: the Department of Energy. Later, in the spin room following the debate, reporters said Perry told them "I'm sure glad I had my boots on because I sure stepped in it out there."

Now, let us be charitable: Gov. Perry did name two federal agencies and while his fellow Texan –Meatloaf-- famously sang "Two out of Three Ain't Bad," in the political game two out of three ain't good enough. The air rushed out of the Perry campaign balloon and he limped back to the Lone Star State. He has since resurfaced, sporting a pair of serious black frame glasses, the kind you'll see professional athletes wearing as a fashion statement. They do make him look studious, even professorial. Let us leave to the side whether they are just for show or come with a prescription. The question is: will the stylish eyewear erase the knock against him, that he simply doesn't possess the intellectual horsepower to be President? Perhaps voters will be forgiving, or failing that, have short memories. After all, everyone blanks from time to time. But time is not on Perry's side: he only has about eight weeks to crack the Top Ten to appear in the first GOP debate in Cleveland August 6th.

Online: rickperry.org
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