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Self-proclaimed 'Angry Stripper' talks with FOX 10

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A reporter for the Houston Chronicle newspaper named Sara Tressler was fired when the paper found out she was also a stripper on the side.

She is now suing the paper for wrongful termination.

That lawsuit has yet to be resolved, but she has written a book about her experiences called "Diary of an Angry Stripper." She chatted with FOX 10's Troy Hayden.

Interview transcript

Troy: And joining us now, Sarah Tressler. Thanks for being here.

Sarah: Thank you for having me.

Troy: So, you got fired from the Houston Chronicle for being a stripper. I mean, were you really surprised that happened you? Think that was going to be OK with your management and stuff?

Sarah: I was surprised that happened because dancing is a legal occupation, so you know, if I had been doing some kind of illegal activity and I was exposed for doing that, then I wouldn't have been surprised that I was terminated. But doing, you know, a legal occupation, I don't feel that I should have been fired and I was surprised that they did that, actually. I really thought that the Chronicle was a little bit more sophisticated than that.

Troy: So, you think it's OK to be a stripper and also be a reporter. Do you think it would be OK to be a stripper and also be say a teacher or something like that? Do you think anybody should be able to dance and strip?

Sarah: I mean, that's kind of a really hard question. It's something that I've been thinking about a little bit and I think that's up to the individual employers. And maybe that's something that they should maybe think about stipulating in the employment agreement whenever they're making new hires, because you know, there are going to be girls who use this as a way to make ends meet so they need to be aware of that.

Troy: And you're still dancing. You've got a masters degree in journalism from NYU which is pretty prestigious in our business and you're still dancing. Do you like it or is it making ends meet for you?

Sarah: I'm still dancing. I also am still doing work as a journalist for another publication in Houston, not the Houston Chronicle. I'm dancing also. There are aspects of dancing that you can't really get from doing other kinds of work. There's a workout aspect that I can't really do at the gym, because people are going to stare at you. There's of course the money and now since I've been terminated, I have to kind of resort back to dancing to pay my bills. There's a social aspect to it that, you know, I find would be hard to engage with strangers in any other way because typically I consider myself to be shy. But as a dancer, you're forced to interact with strangers. So, you would meet people that you'd never meet, you know, in any other context.

Troy: And you have a book out. So tell me about your book quickly.

Sarah: My book is Diary of an Angry Stripper and it's a collection of stories from the trials and tribulations that I've had to deal with working as a dancer over the course of the last three years or so. It's going to be available in an E-book version and the hard book is coming out on July 15. You can find out more at

Troy: So you got it all in there, Sarah, thank you so much.

Sarah: Yeah, oh and I've got a little present for you.

Troy: You've got something for me?

Sarah: Yeah (hands over T-shirt), wear this to the gym, will you?

Troy: Diary of an Angry -- that's perfect. That is so me. How'd you know?

Sarah: That looks great.

Troy: Alright, good meeting you.

Sarah: Thank you.

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