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Molly - Your child's dangerous new friend

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Nicki Minaj -- Kanye West -- Madonna -- music stars that may be helping to fuel the resurgence of a drug craze. When they're singing and talking about "Molly," they aren't talking about a girl.

They're talking about a drug parents need to know about. It's not new, but the drug known as "Molly" -- a form of ecstasy -- is finding new life because of some big name artists.

The drug is making resurgence partially because of the lyrics in popular songs and by popular artists. The DEA says what was once mainly just a club drug back in the 90s is back -- and easily obtained by teenagers.

Molly is marketed as a pure form of MDMA -- the main active ingredient found in ecstasy. It's something that's been getting a lot of attention. Hip hop artists rap about it and Madonna even named her tour after it.

Molly is a pretty popular topic on social media. Just type in the name on Twitter, and there are pages and pages of tweets about it.

Molly -- short for molecule -- acts as both a stimulant and psychedelic drug. It's taken as a tablet or capsule. It gives users a sense of euphoria.

"I know a few people who have tried it who love it, they try to get people to do it, other people," says student Shawn Henderson.

College student Shawn Henderson says molly is pretty easy to find.

"It's probably a simple phone call for some, I would assume. I know people that say they can get it at the blink of an eye. It's really hard to stay away from it, it is out there, it is powerful."

"It's all over the place and with social media it just gives people a forum to openly talk about it," says Sam Burba, drug abuse counselor at Not My Kid.

He's also a former drug addict who's been clean now for more than 7 years. He says having so much access to the internet almost becomes a form of peer pressure.

"I think what we don't understand with kids is that acts as another form of exposure, so if I take a 13-, 14-, 15-year-old kid, I give them unlimited access to a world of drugs, alcohol, parties they're inundated with the pictures, the videos, the songs -- its appealing."

Some experts say the resurgence of this drug can also be attributed to the price tag, around $15 to $25 a pill. According to the DEA, the side effects of molly include severe dehydration, depression, anxiety, and it can also cause a sharp increase in body temperature which can lead to heart failure.


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