9PM Weather Forecast - 6/23/17

Fox 10's Kristy Siefkin reports.

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  • Fox 10's Kristy Siefkin reports.
  • An ASU professor is trying to help people on campus stay cool and out of the sun. By using a high-tech cart that measures the heat, she's able to track the path with the most shade that will keep students and staff the coolest. Fox 10's Danielle Mill
  • Peoria police are investigating the death of an elderly woman after they say she went missing from a nursing home.
  • 1,400 residents lost power after a garbage truck knocked over a power line. Fox 10's Matt Galka reports.
  • FOX 26 Reporter Randy Wallace
  • Brandon Todd reports.
  • A group of bystanders formed a human chain to rescue a woman from her sinking car Friday afternoon. Kaycee B. Karcher recorded on her phone as her husband, Scott joined several others in the flooded parking lot of a Chick-fil-A.
  • The newest Piston's girlfriend is a household name to many.