5 a.m. Weather Forecast 2-22-17

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  • Uber's new self-driving cars are now out and about, picking up passengers in the Tempe area.
  • Five dogs with horribly thick matted fur, mired with their own waste, are getting the love and care they deserve after rescue organizations came to their rescue. Monday night, a rescue organization in Ruskin called Critter Mama’s Rescue for help af
  • Veterinarians have issued a warning about a serious bacteria outbreak that could kill your dog.
  • FOX 10's Dave Munsey reports.
  • A fatal crash involving a pedestrian shut down all southbound lanes on I-17 in Phoenix.
  • A Valley woman who thought she would never see her stolen engagement ring again, is now reunited with that important piece of jewelry. FOX 10's Linda Williams reports.
  • Thirteen-year-old Lauren Bayse is athletic, beautiful and a model student, but more than that, she's a problem solver. That's why she stumbled upon an empty storage space at school while putting golf clubs away.