Suspect barricade situation in Glendale

FOX 10's Liz Kotalik reports.

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  • FOX 10's Liz Kotalik reports.
  • Authorities say a bank robbery suspect led police on a long chase through Tucson, stealing a police car and carjacking and striking a civilian before he was fatally shot near the University of Arizona.
  • Scottsdale police SWAT teams are on the scene of a barricade situation in the west valley.
  • Police say a man was under influence of some kind of drug which gave him 'super human strength'. It took five officers to finally cuff and get him the treatment he needs.
  • Scottsdale police are conducting operation near 43rd Avenue and Northern.
  • We're continuing to follow the latest on a house fire in the northwest valley where multiple fire department crews responded to fight the blaze. FOX 10's Liz Kotalik reports.
  • FOX 10's Cory McCloskey reports.
  • Promising Americans a steady hand, Hillary Clinton cast herself Thursday night as a unifier for divided times, steeled for a volatile world by decades in politics that have left some Americans skeptical of her character.