"Avolatte" is the newest food trend nobody asked for

(Courtesy: Truman Cafe Albert Square on Instagram)

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  • (Courtesy: Truman Cafe Albert Square on Instagram)
  • Police say they've arrested a juvenile student for allegedly making threats towards a Valley high school.
  • Former “Today” host Billy Bush said in an interview published Sunday that he wished he would have changed the subject when he was engaging in lewd talk with Donald Trump seen in a video from 2005.
  • Authorities say a 1-year-old has been airlifted to a hospital following a crash involving a semi-truck near Tonopah.
  • After 146 years of dazzling crowds all over the world, the final performance for the famed circus was held at the Nassau Coliseum.
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  • Reuben Paul, 11, took the stage at a cybersecurity conference in the Netherlands to show how anything can be weaponized -- including teddy bears --  or toy or device connected to the Internet.
  • In hopes of boosting tourism, Italy is giving away castles - for free. To anyone. The Local newspaper reports, “The only catch is that those who take up the offer will have to commit to restoring and transforming the sites into tourist facilities,