Noon Weather Forecast 2-20-17

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  • Three people were wounded today in an officer-involved shooting in Whittier.
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  • It's a nationwide strike to spotlight the importance of immigrants to the US economy and scoiety.
  • Crews continued working today to repair the 20-foot sinkhole in Studio City that swallowed two vehicles on Friday, causing firefighters to rescue one woman trapped in her car.
  • Gizmo the calico cat is only 1-year-old, but she may have given up one of her nine lives to save her owners when a fire broke out in their house. Ron Perkins said he was a sleep on the couch, but Gizmo was intent upon waking him up to alert him.
  • Fox 26 News Reporter Randy Wallace
  • Kevin Olsen, quarterback for UNC Charlotte and younger brother to Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, was arrested Sunday afternoon on rape charges. Lauren Dugan has the story.