VIDEO: Man rescues girl who fell from moving bus

Courtesy: Ryan Ciampoli

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  • Courtesy: Ryan Ciampoli
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  • PHOENIX (AP) - Opening statements are scheduled Monday at the trial of an Arizona man charged with murder in the deaths of two people whose bodies were found nearly two years later buried in his mother's backyard.
  • As graduation day neared,  Reeder tweeted - "My step dad told me it was pointless to go to orientation I wasn't going to graduate anyway. 4 years later he is in jail and I am well..."
  • It takes a great deal of training and dedication to become a firefighter, and those brave men and women rely on that training every time they answer a call. Such was the case for DeKalb County firefighter Robert Sutton. As firefighters were preparing
  • Recently 17-year-old Adam “Lo0p” Bahriz was playing the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when he encountered some pretty bad guys. They weren’t the terrorists featured in the game -- it was his own team. Adam has a rare genetic disea
  • Patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital recently received a delivery of new hats, scarves, blankets, and IV covers. All of the items were hand knit by a group of women at a Terraces Senior Living Community. Fox 10's Ty Brennan reports.
  • For four years, a valley biker bar has partnered with AZ Troop Run at Lucie's Sage and Sand Bar and Grill where hundreds of bikers from across the state pull together to support children of fallen military men and women. Fox 10's Marcy Jones.