AZGFD warns to go the other way if you spot a javelina after 2 attacks

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is warning residents walking dogs to go the other way if they see a javelina in their path.

The warning comes after a javelina charged at a man and bit his foot in Oro Valley on Thursday, Oct. 28.

AZGFD says this is the second attack of its kind this month in Oro Valley.

"Dog walkers: Go the other way if javelina are seen, if possible," the department said.

Oro Valley is about 6 miles from Tucson, Arizona.

'His bite radius was six to seven inches'

In a separate incident in north Phoenix, a man says his dog was badly hurt after an attack.

Mark Spray and his dogs Blue and Monte were walking up the driveway of their home after their nightly walk, and meeting them at the top, a javelina.

"The javelina hit Blue first and then as I was backing up, I got my foot on what I thought were both leashes, but it was only one leash and it was Blue's," Spray said.

He was able to get Blue in the garage, but Monte took off and chased the javelina, resulting in a scuffle.

That scuffle led to Monte being badly injured.

"His bite radius was six to seven inches and he came straight at us and he was over my knee and his mouth was wide open. It was a pretty large boar. Fully grown," Spray said.

Monte is still recovering from his puncture wounds and luckily is expected to be OK.

AZGFD says if you see a javelina, don't feed it or approach it, make loud noises, immediately change your direction, and bring a water bottle with ammonia in it because javelina don't like the smell.

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