18-hour fight for her life: Arizona woman clings to tree with her dog until being rescued from canal

An Arizona woman was stuck in a canal near Yuma for 18 hours after she tried to rescue her dog who fell in.

She held onto dear life as help arrived just before she was about to give up. A train conductor luckily saw her and called for help.

The canal current is strong and fast, making the 18-hour fight for her and her 55-pound dog's life nearly impossible while holding onto a tree.

"The will to survive is what makes this a great story," says Sgt. Juan Salcido with Wellton Police, who was first on the scene to assist her and pull her and her dog out of the canal.

The conductor who saw the woman and her dog was in the eighth train that went by that day.

"Her body told the story of her constant fight. She had abrasions to her arms and legs. She had a sunburn. She looked exhausted to the point she couldn't stand on her two feet," Sgt. Salcido. said. "She made the statement to me and I know to deputies she was about to give up until she heard our sirens."

Authorities say the incident started when the woman was working in the area and let her dog roam, but her dog got too close to the canal and fell in.

This is a true testament to her ability to keep fighting for herself and her dog, says Sgt. Salcido.

Luckily, the woman didn't sustain any major injuries, and she is now recovering with her dog.

Jack, the dog rescued with his owner from a Yuma canal. Photo courtesy of the family