Mug Shot Gallery - November 2021

Information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent arrests and charges. All defendants are presumed innocent.

Erik Fry, 34, has been charged with beating a woman to death with a hammer just one day before he was in due in court on a domestic violence charge against the same woman.

Police said a man who was previously charged in a domestic violence case against a woman is now charged with her brutal murder after she was found bludgeoned with a hammer. Read more.

George Michael Harry II.


George Michael Harry II, 22, is accused of shooting and killing his mother while she drove them home from a Thanksgiving eve family dinner in Michigan. Read more.

32-year-old James Livengood

32-year-old James Livengood

Phoenix Police officers arrested 32-year-old James Livengood, who is accused of exposing himself to families at a hotel pool. Read more.


Robert Kessler (HCSO photo)

Robert Kessler is a suspect in the case of a woman who was killed, dismembered, and dumped in a waterway in Florida. Read more.

Two vehicles disappeared from a Florida home in August, and it wasn't until recently that detectives learned 55-year-old Rosalee Baker, a neighbor, tried to sell them to a scrapyard in another city in exchange for money, according to her arrest affidavit. Read more.

(Source: Essex County Prosecutors Office)

Louis Santiago, 25, was charged with conspiracy to desecrate human remains after he fatally struck a pedestrian earlier this month and took the body home to decide what to do with it. Read more.


Celeste Owens

A Georgia police chief announced that officers arrested Celeste Owens for the murder of a missing 8-year-old girl. Read more.


Darrell Brooks

Darrell Brooks Jr. was charged with five counts of intentional homicide in the crash Sunday in Waukesha, a Milwaukee suburb. Read more.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson

Officials with the Tempe Police Department say now former high school employee 40-year-old Dustin Johnson has been arrested and accused of child sex trafficking and money laundering. Read more.



Onjre Damon George, 20, allegedly tried to flee the police after he assaulted and kidnapped a woman at an Ohio hotel. Read more.

Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman (Pima County Sheriff's Department)

Sarah Coleman was arrested for negligent homicide after her toddler daughter drowned in a pool. Read more.

Tyler Nahoopii

Tyler Nahoopii (Sierra Vista Police)

Tyler Nahoopii, 29, was arrested after escaping police custody following a domestic violence incident in Sierra Vista. Read more.

Gordon Golding

Gordon Golding

Phoenix kickboxing instructor, Gordon Golding, 56, is accused of assaulting multiple underage girls back in 2019. He was been caught by the U.S. Marshals after failing to appear in court for his sentencing back in September. Read more.

Central Florida woman, Janita Philips, 62, has been arrested in the death of an infant in Connecticut back in 1986, police said. Read more.

Nicholas Alan Claus

Nicholas Alan Claus (Photo Courtesy: Scottsdale Police Department)

Nicholas Alan Claus, 62, was arrested for sexually abusing a special needs student at a Scottsdale high school. Read more.


Ex-NFL player Zac Stacy was arrested after a graphic and disturbing video emerged on social media allegedly showing him beating his ex-girlfriend inside her Florida home. Read more.

Norma Grajeda

Norma Grajeda

Norma Grajeda, 56, is accused of beating her mother to death in her Avondale apartment. Read more. 

21-year-old Kalib Rogers


Kalib Rogers, 21, was arrested in connection to a drive-by shooting in Maricopa that injured two teenage boys, police said. Read more.

Andrew Arenas

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Andrew Arenas, 22, was arrested in connection with a number of sexual misconduct-related offenses in Chandler and Mesa, police said. Read more.


Franklin Barrett Sechriest (Austin Fire Department)

18-year-old Franklin Barrett Sechriest was arrested and charged last week with first-degree felony arson in the fire to the porch and entry of a synagogue which caused an estimated $25,000 in damages to the structure. Read more.


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Kevin T. McCorvey, a 34-year-old ambulance driver who was involved in a crash that killed the patient he was transporting, was arrested for DUI and vehicular homicide, authorities said. Read more.

Gabriel Cedillos

Gabriel Cedillos

40-year-old Gabriel Cedillos is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Tempe. Read more

Jose Ortega-Lopez and Maynor Gonzalez Perez


Jose Ortega-Lopez, 24, and Maynor Gonzalez Perez, 30, were arrested after authorities said they kidnapped four migrants and held them against their will at a home in south Phoenix. Read more.

50-year-old Gabriel Paul Horcasitas (suspect) 37-year-old Christopher Pelkey (victim)

50-year-old Gabriel Paul Horcasitas (suspect) 37-year-old Christopher Pelkey (victim)

50-year-old Gabriel Paul Horcasitas reportedly shot and killed 37-year-old Christopher Pelkey during a Chandler, Arizona road rage incident. Read more.

Daniel Carrillo, 42, is accused of fatally shooting his 46-year-old brother in west Phoenix. Read more.

Wayman Thomas, 25

Wayman Thomas, 25

A Nov. 13 altercation in Phoenix left a man dead says the police department, and a day later, police identified Wayman Thomas, 25, as the murder suspect. Read more.

Adler Metcalf, Sandy Acuna

Investigators determined that Adler Metcalf, 22, and Sandy Acuna, 20, were responsible for possessing the Fentanyl that killed their 15-month-old son, who died from an overdose back in September. Read more.

Mike Sangster

Michael Sangster is accused of assaulting a woman at a light rain station. A portion of the court documents state that he told the victim "I will slice your neck." Read more.

Joseph Malinconico

Joseph Malinconico was arrested in connection to a car that was burglarized, and police believe there might be more victims. Read more.

Raul Omar Esquer-Rodriguez

Raul Omar Esquer-Rodriguez, 27, is accused of assaulting a Cottonwood police officer after he reportedly tried to hit someone else with his car. Read more.

Connie Barr

Connie Barr, 61, was arrested after police say she stole cash from a co-worker at an assisted living facility in Phoenix. Read more.

Brendan Evans, 35, accused of beating a pit bull puppy, stabbing him 50 times, and stuffing the dog into a suitcase before leaving him to die will serve 10 years in prison after pleading guilty. Read more.

Dakota Austin Young

Dakota Austin Young, 26, was arrested in connection to a deadly shooting at an apartment in Prescott. Read more.

Steven Love-Mason


Steven Love-Mason, 27, is accused of shooting and killing two people at a north Phoenix apartment complex. Read more.

Dezire Baganda, 26, is accused of felony aggravated assault after police say he pulled a gun in a Nashville church during a Sunday morning service. Read more.

Markies Conway, known as rapper Yella Beezy, is accused of endangering a child, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and sexual assault. Read more.

Brandon Seymour

Brandon Seymour was arrested after driving a box truck into a bus stop, killing a 64-year-old man in Phoenix. Read more.

Hector Vega, 20

After a month-long investigation, Phoenix Police say drugs, thousands of dollars, guns and a grenade launcher were seized in a drug bust on Nov. 3. Hector Vega, 20, was arrested in connection to the investigation. Read more.

James Herbert Brick, 61, is facing kidnapping and child pornography charges after a teenage girl in his vehicle reportedly began making emergency hand gestures learned from TikTok helped lead to his arrest. Read more.


Jon Charles Streckenbach, 39, was arrested this week for setting his mom’s house on fire after using a blowtorch to clear cobwebs. Read more. 

Jenee Mariaanne Pannell

Jenee Mariaanne Pannell, 27, is accused of shooting a man during a traffic dispute in Phoenix while his girlfriend and child were inside the car. Read more.

Kenneth Robert Stough Jr. is accused of murdering a Florida convenience store manager back in 1996. Read more.

Timothy Valdivia

Timothy Valdivia was arrested in the Glendale fatal hit-and-run of a Maricopa County worker. Read more.

Joseph Tierney and Jalynn Davis were arrested after deputies say their 2-year-old child died of a fentanyl overdose. Read more. 

David Orozco

19-year-old David Abishadai Orozco was arrested in connection to the stabbing death of a man and injuring a woman in Phoenix on Oct. 31. Read more.

56-year-old Anthony Dickerson

56-year-old Anthony Dickerson was booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree murder following a Phoenix man's shooting death on Oct. 31. Read more.

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs was driving 156 mph just seconds before colliding with another vehicle on Tuesday, killing one person, prosecutors said during Ruggs' first court appearance on Wednesday. Read more.

Justin Stricklin, 37, sexually abused young children while administering x-rays in a room away from their parents, prosecutors say. Read more.

Police say 48-year-old Steven Little, a registered sex offender, exposed himself to trick-or-treaters in Utah, including three children under the age of 14. Read more.


Police say 56-year-old Stanley Szeliga murdered a Texas woman at a strip club where she worked. Read more.

35-year-old Monica Bradford has been arrested for pointing a loaded gun at a seven-year-old who was trick-or-treating on her street on Halloween.

Monica Bradford, 35, has been arrested for pointing a loaded gun at a 7-year-old who was trick-or-treating on her street on Halloween, police said. Read more.