Arizona Cardinals fans excited for first day of training camp

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Arizona Cardinals fans are ready to go at the first open training camp practice of the season.

"I'm just excited for them to come out. Hopefully they come out good," said Fredy Garcia.

Some fans lined up outside the State Farm Stadium two hours in advance in triple digit temperatures.

"I'm going to be standing in the head suffering for two hours," said Frank Juhasz.

And all kinds of fans were there, ranging from old ones and some brand new ones.

Father and son duo, Fredy and Angel, showed up early. Fredy initially told his son he was taking him to the doctor's office, but then surprised him by pulling into the stadium.

"We came in and I told him we were coming here and he got all happy and was surprised," Fredy said.

"When he told me, I was crying," Angel said.

Last season was tough, and it's still on the fans' minds, but people are feeling hopeful.

One reason why is because of Kyler Murray, the new quarterback and number one overall draft pick.

"I'm here to see Kyler Murray. To cheer him on and wish him luck for the season," said Sean Spielman.

Spielman is one of Murray's fans. He traveled almost an hour to be here, but he has been following the quarterback for a long time.

"Kyler Murray ent to high school where my sister's go to high school in Texas," Spielman said.

And he and other fans hope the team will make history this season.

"Hopefully we will have a winning season. Maybe we will go to the Super Bowl.