Made in Arizona: Tomcar

Born on the battlefield -- now made and manufactured right here in the Valley. These all-terrain vehicles can take you anywhere and back.

Made in Arizona: Unique Naturals

It's a jewelry with a unique history. In business for more than a decade, Unique Naturals sells turquoise jewelry with stones mined right here in Arizona. FOX 10's Christina Carilla gives us a closer look in Today's Made in Arizona.

Made in Arizona: Voyce Threads

Across Arizona, nonprofit groups are making a difference in our communities and one man created a business to tell their stories — on pairs of socks. Voyce Threads wants to help you start meaningful conversations by showing off what's on your street.

What to do when you see a scorpion

There's no doubt that monsoon storms can stir up the scorpions in people's yards and in their homes, but there are some things to know in case there's a run-in with the critters. FOX 10's Christina Carilla reports.