Old Town Scottsdale business allows customers to make their own wine

As the weekend gets close for many in the Valley, FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo, in her new segment "It's Olmost The Weekend", will take a look at how people can make their own wine.

"I mean, it was devastating," said ___. "I mean, just knowing that we are going to be without the quality of grapes that were coming from those regions."

It's a long road ahead for many wineries in California, as parts of the state were destroyed by wildfires last fall. For wine drinkers, this means prices could go up, and some types of wines may be in shorter supply.

So, some people are making their own wine instead.

"We range from dry whites, sweet whites, light reds, heavy reds, desert wines," said Cory Whalin with Su Vino in Old Town Scottsdale. "The first part is they come in and do the tasting and figure which wine they like."

After a customer creates their variety, they'll have to wait a few months, depending on what knd of wine they chose, but Whalin says the wait will be worth it.

"We bring you back, and you and your friends have a bottling party," said Whalin. "So you are going to wash the bottles, fill the bottles, cork the bottles, choose the capsule that matches your label."

You can order wine in 15 or 30 bottle increments. Prices start at around $150.

"The wine industry has been dictating to the consumer for years," said Whalin. "So we're really just trying to empower the consumer to say, you know you are drinking the wine to make you happy, so let us make it to you."

"It's Olmost The Weekend" is a weekly segment by FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo.