Phoenix man sentenced in fatal smuggling attempt

A Phoenix man who rolled his truck during a high-speed chase trying to escape law enforcement with 11 immigrants on board was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in federal prison in the death of one migrant, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona said Wednesday.

Judge refuses to second-guess family separations at border

A U.S. judge ruled Monday that the Trump administration is operating within its authority when separating families stopped at the Mexico border, rejecting arguments that it was quietly returning to widespread practices that drew international condemnation.

Agents arrest convicted felon near Arizona border

An undocumented immigrant, once convicted of manslaughter was caught trying to cross the border near Nogales. He previously spent five years in prison and since then, Border Patrol agents say he has attempted to cross the border multiple times.

US starts sending asylum seekers across Arizona border

Authorities are expanding a program known as Remain in Mexico that requires tens of thousands of asylum seekers to wait out their immigration court hearings in Mexico. Until this week, the government was driving some asylum seekers from Nogales, Arizona, to El Paso, Texas, so they could be returned to Juarez.

Yuma ends state of emergency as migrant crisis diminishes

The mayor of the border city of Yuma, Arizona has withdrawn his city’s state of emergency that was declared in response to this year’s migrant crisis at the southern border -- saying that the crisis has diminished in recent months.

96 members of MS-13 gang arrested

The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office announced Friday the takedown of 96 members of the MS-13 gang and their associates.

Officials call for asylum-seeker release, reunion with niece

Maria is the only living relative to the 6-year-old girl she's raised as her own. After a gang killed all of their relatives, she brought the girl to the U.S. to ask for asylum. But the government took the girl from Maria, sending her to a shelter more than 2,000 miles away, because Maria isn't her biological mother.