Burned Area Emergency Response team working to assess Pipeline Fire damage

"In addition to field surveys, BAER teams use science-based models to rapidly evaluate and assess the burned area. BAER teams typically consist of scientists and specialists including hydrologists, geologists, soil scientists, road engineers, botanists, wildlife and fisheries biologists, archaeologists, recreation and trails specialists, and geographic information specialists, from both federal and state agencies," the agency said.

How wildfires get their names

Unlike hurricanes and tropical storms, whose storm names are determined by a central authority, naming wildfires are left up to the fire unit, incident commander, or dispatch center in the jurisdiction where the fire began.

Stage 3 fire restrictions in Flagstaff start on June 17

Beginning today, the use of propane and gas BBQ's are not allowed in Flagstaff parks, open spaces, or private campgrounds. Stage 1 and 2 restrictions are still in place, meaning fireworks, open burning, and smoking in public places are not permitted. Violations could result in tickets, fines, or even jail time.