Made in Arizona: A look at the specially formulated Let's Keep Growing hair oil

Your hairstyle can say a lot about you and finding the right hair product is important. There are lots of choices on the market and in this Made in Arizona, we meet an Arizona woman who struggled to find the right hair treatment for her daughter so she decided to create her own. You can buy the product online at or Walmart.

Made In Arizona: Local coffee company brewing up something special

Coffee shops are everywhere these days. Some are chains, and some are more famous than others. In the Phoenix area, one local company has been brewing up something special for over a decade. FOX 10 Photojournalist Joe Tillman has more on Press Coffee, in this week's edition of Made In Arizona.

Made in Arizona: Diamondback Billiards & Games and Reclaimed Customs

We're checking out a growing family-run business in Tempe. They specialize in making hand-crafted table games. They use rustic-style pieces to create custom game room products just for you. In this Made in Arizona segment, we're talking with Reclaimed Customs, as well as Diamondback Billiards & Games.

Made in Arizona: Cerealphoria

Cerealphoria makes cereal-based milkshakes and desserts in Mesa and Glendale. FOX 10 photojournalist Joe Tillman has more. More info: