Gov. Hobbs on AZ Supreme Court abortion ruling

Governor Katie Hobbs speaks about the Arizona Supreme Court ruling on April 9 that the state can enforce its long-dormant law criminalizing all abortions except when a mother's life is at stake.

Should Dems worry about AZ's PPE results? | FOX 10 Talks

Stan Barnes on Arizona's presidential preference election voter turnout; President Biden heads to Chandler's Intel plant to talk about chip manufacturing; do we really need "crying spas," and the road to the Final Four leads to the Valley.

FOX 10 Talks | March 18

Topics include: when to sell your house for maximum money and should UA fans be worried?

Test: Does a 32-hour workweek work? | FOX 10 Talks

March 14: 41 companies in the USA and Canada have tried it so far. The result may shock you. A group called Four Day Week Global works with companies who are willing to try the 4-day work week, keeping employees at their 5-day workweek pay. Of those 41, not one has reported going back to the 40-hour workweek. Ron Hoon and Desiree Fluellen have the details.

RFK, Jr. VP selection process | FOX 10 Talks

March 13: Is it someone besides Aaron Rodgers or Jesse Ventura? The other names that are surfacing in the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vice presidential selection process. Who would you choose? Plus how to prevent anyone from sitting in the middle seat next to you on a future flight. Ron Hoon and Desiree Fluellen have the details.

Scottsdale 'dinner-time burglaries' | FOX 10 Talks

March 12: Scottsdale Police Chief Jeff Walther announced three people were arrested in connection to the so-called "dinner-time burglaries" in Scottsdale, followed by analysis from Ron Hoon and Desiree Fluellen.