Young hiker shares near-death ordeal at Fossil Creek

Fossil Creek is a popular destination for many to cool off, especially when it heats up, but if people run into trouble on the trails or near the water, it could be difficult for first responders to get to them in time.

Some say Havasupai horses are abused, neglected

It involves the horses that are being used to carry the gear down the trails, with some upset about the way the animals are being treated. Now, one woman and a local organization are working to change all of this, and for the first time, the tribe is also speaking out. FOX 10's Anita Roman reports.

Keeping Up With The Jones: What to do for 4th of July

4th of July is on Thursday, and for many people, this means spending time with the family, time at the pool, and maybe even a barbecue. FOX 10's Marcy Jones checks on people's plans, in this week's edition of Keeping Up With The Jones.