Cotton Lane Citrus | Forecast To Farm To Table

Arizona is a top producer of citrus across the country, and if you live around the Phoenix area, you've probably noticed plenty of oranges, lemons and grapefruit growing in your neighborhood. FOX 10 Meteorologist Krystal Ortiz visited a farm in Surprise for this month's edition of Forecast To Farm To Table.

Rancho de los Caballeros: Your next Arizona getaway

If you're looking to experience the fun and flavor of the old west, with a touch of modern amenities, a dude ranch in Wickenburg believes they have exactly what you're looking for. Rancho de los Caballeros features horseback riding, hiking, yoga and golf. FOX 10 Photojournalists Brian Kae and Joe Tillman show us more.

Superstition Mountain clean up becomes team effort

A plan is in the works to clean up parts of the desert near the Superstition Mountains. Both residents and outdoor enthusiasts have been pushed aside in recent years, by things like illegal dumping, squatters and make-shift drug dens.

EV chargers in Arizona: How hard is it to find them?

Are you ready for a road trip in your new electric vehicle? Well, there's a lot to consider as charging stations expand across the nation. FOX 10's Steve Nielsen hit the road and drove in all directions to see if the infrastructure was ready in Arizona.

From farm to table: Looking at food grown in Arizona

With nearly 19,000 farms across Arizona, agriculture is a big contributor to the state's economy, and many produce items in Arizona grocery stores are actually supplied by local farmers. In a new segment, FOX 10 Meteorologist Krystal Ortiz has a look at food that's in season for Arizonans, and in this first edition, Krystal visits Mortimer Farms to take a look at sweet corn.

AZ nonprofit working to maintain wild horse herd

There's a war of sorts over wild horses in Arizona, and whether they can continue to roam freely, or be auction off. While a non-profit has worked for years to maintain the wild horse population, officials with a national forest in Arizona are rejecting their offer to help with the forests' wild horse population. FOX 10's Stephanie Bennett reports.

Woman nearly dies after getting plastic surgery in Mexico

A woman in Phoenix trusted that she found a reputable plastic surgery clinic in Mexico, but soon learned that she was part of a group of people coming down with a deadly infection. She started seeing patients pass away one by one and hoped she wasn't next. FOX 10's Marissa Sarbak has the story.

This Arizona invention is stopping police chases

The grappler is an Arizona-made device that deploys a nylon net in an effort to stop a suspect who is fleeing police. In the years since we first introduced the Grappler Police Bumper, nearly a thousand have been installed on law enforcement vehicles, with even more on the way. FOX 10's Marc Martinez reports.

A look at the evidence from the 'Canal Killer' trial

Convicted serial murderer Bryan Patrick Miller was sentenced to death for the brutal killings of two young women in the 1990s. We're now getting a look at the evidence from items collected at the scenes 30 years ago to journals authored by Miller 40 years ago.