Arizona adventurers about to embark on journey down Yukon River

The frigid waters and remote location of the Yukon River, which runs from Canada to Alaska before emptying into the Bering Sea, makes it a dangerous excursion for anyone. That, however, sis not stopping these 2 Arizonans. FOX 10 photojournalist Joe Tillman and Brian Kae caught up with the two adventurers. Visit to support and follow their journey.

'Zero Waste' guru visits Phoenix to spread the word on waste reduction

Cities across the country are working to reduce the amount of waste that is piling up at landfills, including Phoenix. Under their "Reimagine Phoenix" initiative, the city is working towards diverting nearly 40% of its waste from its landfills by this year, and they have a goal of being ‘zero waste’ by 2050.

Comic-themed restaurant in Phoenix caters to the geek inside us

As it turns out, one of the biggest superhero hideouts isn't in Gotham City or Metropolis, but in the Valley, where a Mexico-based company is capitalizing on the comic book craze by launching a geek's paradise. A restaurant completely devoted to fandom.