Vulture City tries to keep its rich past

Ghost towns, or communities that dwindled or abandoned over the years, are seen by some as places that gives people a look into the past. In Arizona, memories of the state's Gold Rush era are alive and well at a ghost town in Wickenburg. FOX 10 Photojournalists Joe Tillman and Brian Kae have more on how the owners of Vulture City are keeping its rich history alive.

Is reusing wastewater a solution for Arizona's water woes?

As the megadrought continues, there are a number of solutions being offered to help cities, as well as households, save water. One solution involves reclaiming water from sewage, as well as water used in washing dishes, doing laundry, and bathing.

Phoenix looks at transforming wastewater

In less than a decade, wastewater in Phoenix could be turned into drinking water, as officials look for ways to generate more potable water amid the ongoing water crisis. FOX 10's Nicole Garcia reports.

New tech: In-home graywater recycling system

As people look looking for ways to save water amid the ongoing megadrought and water crisis, one firm is selling devices that will allow a home to reuse water in a safe manner. FOX 10's Nicole Garcia reports.

Could treated wastewater solve the water crisis?

The Southwest is in the grips of a megadrought, and while San Diego is relying on desalination to turn saltwater into freshwater for a portion of its water needs, the city is also looking at treated wastewater as another water source. FOX 10's Steve Nielsen has more on how sewage is turned into something clean and safe to drink or use.

Did a year of wet weather ease drought conditions?

You might've guessed it. With a wet monsoon and a snowy, cold winter, Arizona's short-term drought from last summer has improved drastically. But are we out of the woods? FOX 10 Meteorologist Krystal Ortiz answers the questions you might have.

Embattled school reaches agreement with AZBN

Aspen University's nursing program has been at the center of controversy in recent months, and was on the verge of being shut down until a lawsuit was filed. Now, the school has reached a new deal with the Arizona Board of Nursing. FOX 10's Justin Lum reports.

Why some ADCRR inmates are building homes

A company in Chandler says it's only had positive experiences with Arizona Department of Corrections inmates coming on board, leaving the confines of their cells Monday through Friday, and helping build homes in Arizona.

Influencers show their glamorous & real sides

As social media rises, new jobs have emerged, and a number of Arizona social media influencers are working hard to showcase what the Grand Canyon State has to offer, while also showing that life is not always perfect. FOX 10's Marissa Sarbak reports.