AZ church volunteers work to ease homeless crisis

Volunteers from a Valley church are rolling up their sleeves to help ease the homeless crisis. They're teaming up with other organizations to build a wall, making it the first step in creating housing for the homeless. FOX 10's Irene Snyder has the story.

Homelessness: SCOTUS weights outdoor sleeping bans

Is homelessness a crime? That is essentially the question U.S. Supreme Court justices must consider, after hearing arguments on April 22 on whether cities can punish people for sleeping outside. The case comes at a tome when a record number of Americans are living on the streets. Reporter Renekah Castor reports.

Homeless Crisis: SCOTUS to hear anti-camping case

With rates of homelessness surging, cities across the country are trying to handle the uptick, but several officials say a 2018 decision by an appeals court makes it hard for leaders to enforce anti-camping laws to combat homelessness. Critics call the laws cruel punishment for those who have nowhere else to go, but the U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear arguments over the enforcement of these laws. Reporter Ted Lindner has more.

GOP bill would restrict homeless hotel programs

If the bill is approved and signed into law, it would ban the practice of using state or local dollars on what is known as mixed hoteling, where hotels are open to the general public while also serving as a homeless shelter. Some city officials are voicing their concerns about the bill. FOX 10's Lindsey Ragas reports.

CASS receives major funding boost after grant denials

One of the city's largest homeless shelters was short $1.5 million after the state denied three of its grant requests. That gap closed significantly after the city of Phoenix approved $1.06 million for Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) Tuesday afternoon. FOX 10's Lindsey Ragas joins us with the latest details.