A look at the 2nd round of 'The Zone clean-up

The city of Phoenix continuing its clean-up efforts in the massive homeless encampment, also referred to as The Zone. It's the next phase of an effort that started earlier this month. FOX 10's Danielle Miller has the details.

Phoenix nurse provides care to the homeless

As the City of Phoenix clears out a homeless encampment that is known as 'The Zone,' the homeless people who live there are offered a number of options for their future. One of the many resources that help the homeless in the Phoenix area is Circle The City, a nonprofit that provides health services to those in need. FOX 10's Lindsey Ragas has more on how one nurse with the organization is providing care to those who need it.

John Hook takes us inside 'The Zone' | Newsmaker

This week's Newsmaker Saturday comes to you from downtown Phoenix at 13th Avenue and Jefferson Street inside Old Station Sub Shop. It's been here for 37 years. The only problem is now it finds itself on the edge of the massive homeless encampment known as "The Zone," home to about 1,000 homeless people in Phoenix, and this has created problems for business owners, and nobody knows it better than Joe Faillace. John also heads into "The Zone" to hear the stories of the people living there.

StandDown event provides services for Arizona veterans in need

The Arizona Housing Coalition is hosting an event that aims to help hundreds of veterans, many of whom are experiencing homelessness. The event began in 2013, and veterans can get dental and vision services, as well as meeting with representatives from the Federal Government, and get food, clothes, and even a haircut. FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen reports.

Several animals hurt following fire at 'The Zone' homeless encampment

During the early morning hours of April 25, a fire broke out at a homeless encampment near Downtown Phoenix known popularly as 'The Zone.' Several kittens are now being cared for, after being pulled from the fire, and FOX 10's Lindsey Ragas has more on the growing concern about animals inside The Zone.