Dental tips for your post-pandemic smile

Many people are taking off their masks and showing off a part of their face that's been hidden for over a year -- their smile! FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen visits Comfort Dental in Mesa to get tips from a dentist about how to get your smile ready to show off to the world.

COVID-19 vaccinations slow down as infectious delta variant spreads

One major concern is the highly contagious and potentially more severe delta variant of the coronavirus that originated in India. While health officials say the vaccines are effective against it, the fear is that it will lead to outbreaks in states with lower vaccination rates.

Millions fear eviction as housing crisis worsens

More than 4 million people say they fear being evicted or foreclosed upon in the coming months just as two studies released Wednesday found that the nation's housing availability and affordability crisis is expected to worsen significantly following the pandemic.