Lip fillers: What to know before you go under the needle

Even though getting a filler injected into your lips does not produce permanent results, it's still a big decision and that's why it's important you do your research on who will be administering your injections, what training they've had and which product will work best on your face.

Valley women claim botched lip injections caused severe infection

They're all the rage for some women - pouty lips. To get the look, they're paying to have lip injections. Which works out for most, but several Valley women are dealing with a nightmare after their lip injections were botched. We want to warn you - the photos you're about to see are pretty graphic.

Arizona Sen. McSally takes action in the wake of two mass shootings

There has been a lot of talk about mass shootings, gun control, mental health and what can be done to stop these terrible scenes. Sen. McSally has sponsored a bill that would make domestic terrorism its own federal crime. She stopped by the FOX 10 studios to talk about the bill, red flag laws and the 2020 senate race against Mark Kelly.