Drone Zone: 'Asphalt art' gives Tempe intersection a unique, not-often-seen touch

People have have noticed that an intersection located near Arizona State University, looks a bit different, and it's all part of a decision by Tempe to add artwork around the crosswalks, in hopes of creating safety and 'curb appeal.' FOX 10 Photojournalists Joe Tillman and Brian Kae have a look from above, in this week's edition of Drone Zone.

Drone Zone: Tree removal service busy following late July storms.

The storms that swept across the valley in July toppled over hundreds of large trees. This can be both dangerous, and costly to clean up. In this edition of Drone Zone, we tag along with a local tree removal company as they remove a massive 80-foot eucalyptus tree from someone's back yard.

Drone Zone: An adventure unlike any other near Cottonwood

People can experience a one-of-a-kind horseback adventure, while experiencing some natural beauty and mystery, at the Trail Horse Adventures at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Cottonwood. FOX 10 photojournalists Joe Tillman and Brian Kae have more.

Drone Zone: Colossal Cave

In this week's edition of Drone Zone, FOX 10's drone pilots Joe Tillman and Brian Kae take us to Vail, Arizona, just outside of Tucson for a birds-eye view of Colossal Cave, one of Arizona's most popular attractions.

Arizona: The Beautiful

Arizona is known for its sunny, hot weather. But across the state, you will find not only a hot desert but forests, mountain ranges and canyons. FOX 10 drone pilot Joe Tillman gives us a look at what makes our state so beautiful.

Drone Zone: Taking a look at Pine

One Arizona town, tucked into the hills near the Mogollon Rim, has a history that dates back more than a century. SkyFOX Drone takes a look at Pine, in this week's edition of Drone Zone.