Full interview: Carmen Heredia of AHCCCS on massive Medicaid fraud scandal

The cabinet executive officer of Arizona’s Medicaid agency is opening up about the AHCCCS fraud scandal plaguing our state. It’s been nearly a year since Carmen Heredia took over as the head of the agency and she has spent the majority of that time trying to crack down on the fake rehab scheme targeting vulnerable people while bilking the state for nearly a billion dollars.

The Sober Truth: Inside AZ's Medicaid scandal | Trailer

The Sober Truth: Inside Arizona's Medicaid scandal - streaming exclusively on FOX10Phoenix.com, Tubi, and FOX Local on Dec. 3 at 7pm MST. Get a preview of @jlumfox10's 30-minute special report, which includes exclusive stories that shed light on a scheme that transformed into a full blown sober living crisis.

FOX 10 confronts CEO of rehab clinic under investigation

FOX 10 Investigates confronts the CEO of an embattled Tempe rehab as the state's health department accuses his company, NewFound Hope, of health code violations. The company is also accused of fraudulent billing by the state's Medicaid agency.

Why is this hotel property under state investigation?

Navajo Nation PD led us to a "decommissioned" Ramada Inn where health officials say there's a history of an unlicensed treatment facility. FOX 10 Investigates staked it out, capturing footage of people coming & going to the hotel property being run by a company under state investigation.