11-year-old orangutan dies at Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo lost a member of its family last weekend. Primate keepers say 11-year-old orangutan Kasih was a true pleasure to know.

"She was intelligent and could be naughty," Jessica Peterschick said. "She was always really great."

The loss of Kasih hit hard and fast, puzzling zoo employees.

"We're really heartbroken," Dr. Gary West said.

Last week, they noticed she was acting lethargic and was losing control of her left arm and leg. Cornered, the animal keepers ordered an emergency MRI.

Still processing the loss, staffers are trying to keep their heads up.

"It's really heartbreaking," Dr. West said.

Even though Kasih lived a short life, she will leave a lasting memory.

"She was from an old exhibit... she was just incredible," Peterschick said.