88-year-old woman teaches karate; is a 4th degree black belt

On any given day, you can find Wanda Dovenspike at Mountain View Karate in Scottsdale.

"I started when I was 72-years-old, I started cardio kickboxing and decided I liked it. and when the class ended Master Nick said "why don't you start Tae Kwon Do," and I said I can't do it, he said yes you can, and I did," said Wanda Dovenspike.

That was 16 1/2-years-ago and now at the age of 88 Master Dovenspike as she's known, teaches and keeps her skills sharp on her fourth-degree black belt that she's earned.

"This is like my second home," she said.

Dovenspike said karate keeps her focused, sharp, and nimble at her age.

"They used to tease me because I used to ride the bus to work, I worked until a year ago, and they said they didn't need protection because they had me on the bus, so they felt safe," said Dovenspike.

Nick Koclanis, the owner of the karate studio said Master Dovenspike has become an institution here.

"Her energy when she walked in the door is really powerful, and it's really a blessing to have her," said Nick Koclanis.

Her passion, dedication, and commitment are now the pillars in her teaching.

"You never get too old to do this," said Dovenspike.

Dovenspike teaches 5-6 days a week at the school.