Dating site founder arrested and accused of domestic violence

A Scottsdale man who ran a dating website is now behind bars.

He's being accused in a very disturbing case of domestic violence.

Scottsdale Police say yesterday Darrell Boulby assaulted and restrained a woman in their home. This allegedly went on for over an hour before she was able to break free and call for help.

The website promises to put clients on "the path to love."

But instead it's a path to jail that the site's owner is currently facing.

47-year-old Darrell Peter Boulby is accused of beating and urinating on a woman because she refused to perform sexual acts on him at their home near Pima and McDonald.

The report says that Boulby told the woman he called two other women to the home to satisfy him. The couple argued, and Boulby allegedly urinated on her. A fight ensued, and the report claims that Boulby got on top of the woman and "dug into the victim's eye." The document also says he "stuck his finger in her mouth and down her throat, the victim was unable to breathe."

The victim reportedly continued to scream and yell causing Boulby to cover her mouth and nose "blocking her ability to breathe."

After about an hour the victim broke free, ran to a neighbor's house, and called 9-1-1. She told police she thought Boulby could kill her.

A medical examination was done on the victim. The report shows that the examination found bruising on her ear, above her eye and nose, she also had cut and bite marks, all injuries that match her story of what happened.

Police arrested Boulby at his home, but he refused to speak with officers and requested a lawyer.

Boulby was booked into jail on kidnapping and aggravated assault charges; he remains held on a $60,000 bond.