'He’s a hero': Family and friends remember man who saved a pregnant teen's life

Family and friends are calling him a true hero: An 18-year-old man who saved the life of a pregnant teen after a car slammed into people at a bus stop Thursday.

We’re learning more about Jonathan Marroquin from a friend who lit a candle for him at 35th Avenue and Bell Road the night of the crash, exactly where this tragedy happened.

He came back the next day to set out a framed picture of Jonathan. “We would never think that this would happen to him and it’s very unfortunate,” said his friend, Bryan Landa.

Jeremy Marroquin says he’d take his little brother to work when he could, but if he couldn't, Jonathan took the bus to the area routinely. Now a memorial sits at the bus stop where the 18-year-old died.

Police say a Dodge spun out of control after colliding into a Mustang, crashing into the sidewalk as passengers had just gotten off the bus. Jeremy says his brother dove on a pregnant 15-year-old who survived, but her unborn son did not.

“He’s a hero," Jeremy said. "He’s a hero, that’s most definitely a hero and I’m just grateful that able to save her.”

Landa, his friend, remembers the guy who made everyone smile. “We always laugh and giggle, he was a goofy guy.” Jonathan was a good person who friends knew they could lean on, he said.

“When I was sad or depressed, he always looked out for me,” he said. Police say the 25-year-old man driving the Dodge Avenger sped into the intersection and hit the driver of the mustang, a 63-year-old woman turning left on 35th Avenue.

It's unknown who was exactly at fault.

Phoenix PD plans to charges of manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment when the investigation wraps up.

"I can’t forgive him at all but I hope that god does and I hope that he gets the opportunity to even realize what he’s done," his brother said.

Lost in all the wreckage, Jonathan’s ring he earned after graduating high school. “We got him a ring with a prayer on it with a gold cross to protect him, and I think it protected him in a way where he’s with God now,” his brother said.

If you would like to donate to Jonathan’s funeral costs, his family is asking for help through their GoFundMe.