Valley pit bull with disability helps others with therapy

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month.

Meet Posey the Pit, a pit bull that has overcome intense physical obstacles only to help people understand they can do the same.

Posey has a condition called Congenital Dwarfism which makes it hard for her to walk, so her owner Christina Grant pulls her around in a wagon.

Posey was rescued by Mayday PitBull Rescue and Advocacy and adopted from the Maricopa County Care and Control animal shelter. She now goes around the Valley to do therapy work with other children.

Because of her condition, Posey's life expectancy is only two to three years so her Mom really tries to make the most of every minute they have together.

The One Love Pit Bull Foundation which rescues pit bulls, like Posey, from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control is always looking for volunteers or donations.

For more information:

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