Allison Feldman murder case: A look at the suspect's past

Ian Mitcham is accused of murdering 31-year-old Allison Feldman. Although Mitcham did not have an extensive criminal past, court records reveal he was arrested more than once for DUI in Scottsdale and an ex-girlfriend of his lives on the same street as the victim.

Before his arrest for Feldman's murder, Mitcham, 42, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI in January 2015, the month before Feldman was murdered inside her home. The case was dismissed, but the charges were re-filed again in August 2015.

Mitcham was facing four charges, including two charges of extreme DUI. His B.A.C. was above 0.20 and he had a minor in the car with him. He took a plea deal, reducing some of the charges.

In January 2016, Mitcham was again arrested for aggravated DUI. Court documents revealed an employee called the police, suspecting Mitcham was drunk while driving through a self car wash. A minor was in the vehicle with him.

Police say there were two open bottles in the car, and Mitcham had bloodshot, watery eyes. A search warrant was issued for Mitcham's blood and that's what police used to get his DNA two years later.

Mitcham was indicted on four felony counts, including extreme aggravated DUI. The recent DUI took place four miles away from Feldman's home. Mitcham lives in Phoenix, but he was likely in the area because he has a child with a woman who lives there. Ironically, the woman lives on the very same street as Feldman, but the two homes are three miles apart.

The woman was granted an order of protection against Mitcham four months ago. She claims he has a history of domestic violence and substance abuse.

The trial for Mitcham's last DUI was still working its way through the court system. He could have potentially been convicted of felony DUI in that case.

Mitcham was also previously arrested for cocaine possession.