Arizona Cardinals' social media department aims to bring fans closer to the action

( Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images )

The Arizona Cardinals are making strides to improve on the field, but that's not the only place they're trying to improve.

The NFL team is committed to upping their social media game this year, in an effort to bring fans closer than ever to the action.

Sometimes, fans can't get to the game, and sometimes, they can't get to a TV. So to see their team, there is one team to rely on.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever platform pops up next, the Cardinals made sure they're going to be all over it.

"It's a big priority of ours. It's a great way to build a brand, and it's kind of how everyone consumes content nowadays," said Social Media Director Zach Galia.

Galia came on board from Pittsburgh earlier in the year, and his focus has been clear since day one: engage, entertain, and inform.

"Just try and have as much fun as we can, and be the voice of the organization but a voice that resonates with our fans. Try and capture that excitement every day, or the disappointment, or the humor and that side of things. Just try to relate and give the fans something to relate to." said Galia.

Each member of the department has a focus, anything from video, still photography, and graphics.

"When you work in the production side, you're looking for those beauty shots to set the scene, but with social, you're looking for the action, personalities and the moment," said Jesse Aranda.

"Showing athletes character off the field, who are they, how do they act, what are they doing, how are they dressing, people like to see that stuff," said Derrick Spencer.

"The brand is so important," said Jacson Sipes. "You want people to see the logo, see the colors and know it's the Cardinals. If you have lower thirds, cool graphics branded red and black, they know it's Arizona Cardinals content, and it's also pleasing to the eye."

During the week, they have a little more time. On game days, however, everything is being done at game speed and on the fly to make sure fans are up to date with what's going on.

The Social Media Department acts as that bridge to the players they love, connecting fans in ways that showcase athletes and coaches beyond what they're doing on the field.

With over three million followers and counting among all platforms, expect the social channels to continue to rise up.

Recently, the Cardinals expanded their social media presence to TikTok, a platform used for short videos, after the NFL and the social media brand reached a partnership agreement.