ASU to continue with classes as students remain on edge after confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus

Despite CDC officials' continued reassurance to Americans that the risk from Coronavirus remains low, students at Arizona State University remain on edge after a member of the ASU community was diagnosed with the Coronavirus last week.

"I've never worn a mask before, and this is the first time I've worn a mask because of the coronavirus," said one student.

"The N95 mask, I read, it's the only mask that can properly filter viruses such as this," said another student.

As the disease continues to spread, ASU officials have changed its policy on travel to China, with the university president, Michael Crow, announcing that travel restrictions to China will take effect immediately.

Despite an online petition calling for classes to be cancelled so they can be cleaned, the school announced Monday that classes will continue as usual.

"We honestly don't know," said one student. "We're scared for our lives, and to be honest with you, if I may add, ASU should close classes for a week."

"I don't think they're doing enough. They could definitely disinfect the classroom the student was in. Spread more awareness about prevetative measures such as not touch your face, carry hand sanitizer, wearing masks," said another student.

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