Die-hard customers of local BBQ still lining up in extreme heat

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - With temperatures well over 100°F (about 37.78°C) by late morning in the Phoenix area, it was pretty unbearable for those working out in the heat.

Now imagine working over a hot grill.

Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix has been recognized as a top restaurant to try in the nation in 2018, according to Yelp. Despite the fact that the majority of the restaurant is outside, it still doesn't deter their customers.

"It's pretty rough, man," said Quinton Thompson, GM of Little Miss BBQ. "It gets pretty hot out here."

"Hot" is an understatement.

"So we're, what, 199°F, 200°F and we've got our faces in here," said Thompson.

At this time of year, when the mercury climbs past 110°F (about 43.33°C), the employees who work in and around the three outdoor smokers at the restaurant need to take extra precautions.

"We work as a team, and we give each other breaks when need be," said Thompson.

Pretty much the only cool place in the restaurant is the walk-in cooler, which was at a cool 47°F (about 8.33°C). In the summer, the employees say they actually hold their meetings inside the cooler.

The hot temps didn't deter the restaurant's die-hard customers, who oftentimes line up outside hours before the restaurant opens.

"It's the best BBQ in town," said one person. "I've been here since 9:00 a.m."

"Even though it's hot out here, it's got to be brutal for them back there," said another person. "They're sitting there between those hot smoker,s and fires are roaring."