Family of woman involved in hit-and-run seeks justice

A mother says a hit-and-run driver left her daughter for dead. We spoke to the victim's mom.

The family tells us the young woman was walking when she was struck. Now they're asking for anyone with information to come forward.

"I just want justice of this person who hit my daughter," said Manuela Valdez.

A mother is asking for the public's help tonight after her 29-year-old daughter, Kasandra Valdez, was hit by a car Thursday night.

"She was walking and all she remembers is getting struck by a red car, and that's all she remembers from there," Valdez said. "My daughter is in critical condition. She might not even be able to walk again for a long time."

The family tells FOX 10 the 29-year-old was walking near 27th Ave. and Indian School when she was struck. Now, she's in the hospital with a slew of injuries, including a broken leg.

"She has multiple fractures in her pelvis and back hip," Valdez said. "[She has] 18 fractures [and] she's not going to be able to walk [and] she's got to go to rehab."

Valdez tells us her daughter recently underwent surgery on her foot. The focus right now is recovery, although there's a long road ahead, as well as getting justice for the person who she says left her daughter for dead.

"No matter who she is, she's a person," Valdez said. "She's someone's daughter, this shouldn't have happened. All I'm asking is for justice for this person to be found."

If you have any information regarding this incident, you're asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department.