Fundraising with food; event held to benefit inner-city school

A true grassroots project, something folks at the Phoenix Police Department take pretty seriously and absolutely love as well.

With every scoop of ice cream, Lexi White is helping kids in need and honoring her father's legacy.

"We loved doing events like this because it honors his memory," said Lexi White.

Her father, Phoenix Police Officer Eric White was killed in the line of duty in 2004. Mighty Moos was his dream.

"Back in 2004, my mom and dad were like hey, lets open up an ice cream truck, but sadly he finished the truck the day before he died, so my mom wanted to continue that legacy after he had passed," said White.

Lexi is doing that and helping the Phoenix Police Department serve inner-city kids at Capitol Elementary. It's a Christmas in July fundraiser at Phoenix Police Headquarters to benefit three kindergarten classrooms.

"This is very important to us to give back anyway we like to help the community and be involved. And these kids really just touched our hearts, we're very much into them, and we just want to be a part of their lives, and we want them to see that police can be a very good influence," said White.

It's a mighty cause with the help of mighty moos.

The restaurant Don Taco also helped with lunch which was donated to the cause as well. Besides buying the children gifts for the holidays, the students at Capitol Elementary received some of the necessities like clothing.