Getting an up close look at Arizona State Fair ride inspections

The Arizona State Fair kicks off October 6 and regulators are making sure rides are safe for all. After a ride broke apart at the Ohio State Fair back in July, some ride-goers worry about their safety, but inspectors say they've been on site every step of the way, looking at the set-up process and looking over each ride prior to opening.

"Our first view of these rides will be out in the parking lot, prior to them bringing them in here and we look at them then. As they are brought in the lot, we look at them a second time as they are being set up. Then as they take all the parts off the ride to set it up, we look at the critical components like bolts, pins, safety keys, anything that holds these rides together," said inspector Barry Schaible.

And it doesn't end there. Schaible says they check out the rides once they are almost completely set up and also during operation to ensure the safety functions are running properly.

"Then we don't go away after the fair is open. We are here everyday, open to close and we randomly look at rides during the event for inspections, but the Ray Cammack shows, who operates these rides, does them daily. Every morning prior to opening, they inspect them completely, fill out forms, and make sure they are operating correctly," he said.

Schiable says he feels completely safe putting his own grandkids on these rides, but it's important that guests read all the signs.

"We have signs that go on the rides that give you warnings -- back injuries, heart injuries, certain heights.. we want the parents to start teaching their kids young... We want them to obey the rules. If they do that, they're going to be safe."

Arizona State Fair
Oct. 6 - 29
1826 W. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85007