GOP candidate laments vandalized campaign signs

One could call it creative editing, or a bid for a few cheap laughs. A political candidate has had his signs tampered with across the Valley, with a couple of letters removed from Rodney Glassman's last name, in a strategic manner..

Signs for Glassman, who is running for the GOP nomination to the state's Corporation Commission, have been placed around the Valley. Most of them have not been edited for, but several dozen have.

One of the vandalized signs stands on 44th Street near the 202 in East Phoenix. The sign had the "G" and "L" in the candidate's last name removed, turning the candidate's last name into something rather vulgar.

Security camera video provided to FOX 10 by the candidate shows a man walking up to a sign under cover of darkness, and proceeds to slice the "G" and "L" out of the candidate's last name, on both sides of the sign.

Now, the candidate hopes this evidence will lead to an arrest. Anyone with information should contact Phoenix Police.