Man accused of filming other men in mall bathroom stall

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Court documents show a 54-year-old man has been charged with voyeurism-related offenses, following an incident at a mall bathroom in Glendale.

According to the documents, Rolf Meier is charged with 17 counts of felony Voyeurism. In particular, Meier is accused of invading the privacy of others for the purpose of sexual stimulation. The incident that led to Meier's arrest happened on February 10, when officers were called out to Arrowhead Towne Center Mall, where an off-duty police officer detained Meier, after Meier allegedly held a camcorder under the stall he was using.

After Meier was read his Miranda rights, court documents say Meier admitted to filming others in Arizona and in Switzerland, where Meier is from. Eventually, authorities executed a search warrant on Meier's camcorder, and after a forensic examination, officers found about 18 different males who were videotaped. In several of the videos, the victims' private areas were seen. One of the victims is believed to be under the age of 15.

Court documents say a second search warrant served on Meier's home yielded several SD cards, two camcorders, burnable DVDs with unknown material on it, and a laptop.

During a police interview, Meier said he went to Arrowhead Towne Center to see if he could film video like the ones he had seen on the internet. When officers asked Meier if he knew what he was doing was illegal, Meier said he did not think it was a big deal at first, but later said he felt "dirty" and that he made a "stupid mistake".

A cash-only bond of $75,000 has been set for Meier, and a court has ordered him to be subjected to electric monitoring. Meier must also surrender his passport before his next court date.