Many cars on the auction block at Barrett-Jackson, including 'flying car'

For the 49th year, Barrett-Jackson has arrived in Scottsdale, and it's expected to be a record-setting event.

The auction event has celebrity vehicles, as well as cars made famous in movies.

"We have more cars than we've ever had. We have over 1950 cars selling with no minimum, no reserve," said Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson.

There's even a flying car, but not the high-tech kind that can be seen at places like the Consumer Electronics Show.

"This thing was designed by a Boeing engineer in Seattle back in the 50s, and he wanted to build a flying car," said mechanic Dan White.

There were five 1954 Taylor Aerocars built. White, who has been doing upkeep on one of the Aerocars, says it's going one of the highlights in 2020's auction.

Along with the flying car, there will be other interesting vehicles on display that may look very familiar.

"There's a lot of different movie cars here. That's been our fotre, Selling batmobile, Dukes of Hazzard car," said Jackson.

For 2020, there's are replicas of cars such as the Dumb and Dumber Shaggin' Wagon, and the National Lampoon's Vacation station wagon.

Cars auctioned off by some celebrities, however, are the real thing.

"This is Simon Cowell's Bentley Azure convertible," said Jackson. "He bought it brand new. He bought this in '09 under 5,000 miles on it, and it's been fully factory maintained."

People will also find Cowell's 1977 Ford Bronco on the block next week. 

"He bought it, like, 10 years ago as a blue regular Bronco, and he had it restored the way he wanted it," said Jackson. 

There will also be cars auctioned off by other celebrities, like Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, and athletes like former Yankees player Mariano Rivera.  

Barrett-Jackson officially kicks off on Saturday at Westworld of Scottsdale, and will run through January 19.

Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale