MONSOON 2017: Heavy rain, flooding hits the East Valley

Rain fell in Queen Creek and the East Valley for most of the morning with much of it traveling down the San Tan Mountains and and making its way into the washes, like this one our viewer Paul Folk filmed in San Tan Heights.

The roads filled up as well and the intersection of Empire and Wild Horse was covered as it continued to pour.

"If I try driving my car anywhere in the rain I will hydroplane and I don't want that," Adrian Rosales said.

So Adrian waited for his cousin to come pick him up in his truck and take him to work. He's learning from a mistake that he saw his friend make just yesterday.

"It was raining pretty bad, we had to push my friend's car out so I yeah, I don't want to do that by myself right now," he said.

His friend's car got stuck on Hunt Highway, which today looks similar to how it looked last night.

Viewer Kelly Karms sent us video showing the road looking more like a river.

Jay Bovee drove in it himself.

"You can see some houses where it looked like the water was going up to the garages and it was a lot," he said.

A lot of rain hit Queen Creek for the past two days, but the effects were nothing abnormal for a community that gets the runoff from the mountains.

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