Phoenix Police: Driver who killed 2 men over the weekend arrested

Phoenix Police officials announced Monday night the arrest of a man in connection with two deadly crashes over the weekend.

The victims were identified as 17-year-old Nestor Lopez and 28-year-old Edgar Ferral-Lopez. Meanwhile, the suspect was identified by police as 29-year-old L.C. Jones III. Jones has been booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on multiple charges of 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter, hit-and-run, and endangerment.

Ferral-Lopez was following traffic laws when he entering the intersection on a green light, but his car was hit by a red-light runner. Moments before the 1997 Lincoln Town Car plowed into Ferral-Lopez's Scion, the same Town Car struck and killed Lopez, as he was crossing 43rd Avenue. The speeding car kept going, leaving Lopez to die on the street.

Ferral-Lopez happened to be in the suspect's path when the suspect sped through a red light. The crash ultimately killed Ferral-Lopez, but the driver of the Town Car kept going.