Phoenix Police investigating fatal officer involved shooting

UPDATE: Phoenix Police have identified the deceased suspect as 43-year-old Thomas Aikens.

Phoenix Police officials said Friday they are investigating a fatal officer involved shooting.

According to a tweet made by Phoenix Police's verified Twitter page, the incident took place on 3rd Avenue and Culver street.

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According to reports, officers responded to a report of a suspicious person that was in the alley yelling. When officers arrived, they reportedly saw an adult male sitting with his back against a garage, and his armed wrapped around an adult female, with a knife to her neck.

An officer, according to Phoenix Police, attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but the suspect allegedly continued to yell threats of killing the woman. At one point, the suspect allegedly told officers he was sitting on a bomb.

A second officer, according to police, fired a shot from his rifle, striking the suspect. The suspect was declared dead at the scene.

Neither the woman nor any other officers were hurt, according to police.

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