Phoenix Police: Man accused of starting fire, killing 1 man in central Phoenix neighborhood

UPDATE: Phoenix Police have identified the man who was killed in his home as 36-year-old Joshua Fitzpatrick.

Phoenix Police have identified a man who was arrested for starting a fire and killing another man as 38-year-old Curtis Lamont Bagley.

At about 1:12 a.m. on March 31, police were called to a residence near Willetta Street and 5th Avenue. A 24-year-old woman told police she was confronted by a suspect when she got home from work.

She went into her house, but shortly, she heard a noise and opened her front interior door.

The man was on the porch pouring gasoline on the outer security door and porch. The suspect then lit the door on fire and the woman immediately shut the interior door.

While the victim was calling her neighbors for help, the suspect broke into the back door.

The neighbor was able to help the woman leave the home and the suspect left the area.

While police are investigating this, they received an emergency call of a burglary at 3rd Avenue and Willetta Street.

When officers arrived at the scene, the same suspect was standing in the front yard with blood on his clothes.

Officers entered the home where they found a 36-year-old man lying on the floor with critical injuries. He was later pronounced dead on scene.

His wife was found hiding in the bedroom.

At this time, the suspect was taken to police headquarters for questioning. He will be booked for multiple felony charges.

This is an on-going investigation. Stay with Fox 10 Phoenix for updates on this story.