Sammantha Allen's mother takes stand for 2nd day, as jurors decide her daughter's fate

Testimony resumed Wednesday in the penalty phase of Sammantha Allen's murder trial.

Allen was convicted in the death of her 10-year-old cousin, Ame Deal, who was locked in a footlocker in triple digit heat. Jurors are now deciding if she should face the death penalty.

Attorneys entering their second day with Allen's mother, Judith Deal, on the stand. She described an uneven, dysfunctional upbringing for her children, saying Allen was diagnosed in grade school with ADHD.

The family was, at times, about 20 people living in the Midwest, then Arizona, with as many as six or seven children. When the family lived in Utah, the school district called CPS.

"They were particularly concerned about the state Ame was in," said Deal. "All the kids had lice. All the kids were behind in studies, and none was to date on immunizations. And Amy also had some bruises they were concerned about, yes."

Allen's husband, John, is also facing first degree murder charges, and is set to stand trail on August 7.