Some upset by senior quote in Arizona high school yearbook

A "senior quote" printed in a high school yearbook in Casa Grande has some parents very upset.

The quote in the Vista Grande High School yearbook reads "The South will rise again". The quote is a battle cry synonymous with the Confederate states during the Civil War.

Marcus Hatton, whose family members go to the school, believes the post is racist, but he's not upset with the student. He's upset that the school approved it in the first place.

"That was our big concern, and the concern of the community, was what adult allowed that, not what this kid says or this kid does, but what adult allowed this statement to be placed in a yearbook," said Hatton, in a Skype interview.

FOX 10 has made several attempts to reach out to the student to get his side of the story, but we have not heard back. Meanwhile, officials at Vista Grande say they are removing the quote from future yearbooks, and will offer replacements to anyone who wants one.