Wife of man killed in motorcycle crash speaks out

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The wife of a motorcyclist killed in a crash earlier this month wants answers. The deadly accident happened off the 303 near Beardsley Canal.

According to DPS, investigators are still trying to piece everything together. Details are very limited. We spoke to the victim's wife. She wants any potential witnesses to come forward.

"You know, this is every wife's nightmare when your husband rides a motorcycle," said Stefanie Dawson, wife of the crash victim, 35-year-old Alan Zieber.

Dawson visits the Beardsley Canal off Loop 303 almost every day, searching for answers at the stop her husband died in a motorcycle crash.

"He flew completely up over the canal," Dawson said. "The bike hit right here and my husband's body was up here."

This was the scene of the crash nearly a month ago. Dawson says the images still haunt her as she tries to piece together what happened.

"It's a lot to try to deal with every night," Dawson said. "You close your eyes [and] you see your husband's face just in fear."

As DPS continues to investigate, according to Dawson, she believes her husband was forced off the road by a car. She says someone called 911 - someone she wants to speak to.

"But that 911 caller immediately disconnected their phone number and never left a name," Dawson said.

Zieber's wife is now a single mom of four kids who constantly ask if she's learned anything new on their father's death.

"I feel like I'm failing them," Dawson said. I feel like I'm failing my husband. We need to know what happened."

And this has been a real struggle for Zieber's family. If you'd like to help, Dawson has created a GoFundMe to help with funeral and burial costs.